Betel Leaf

Betel Leaf in Urdu: پان پتی

Betel Leaf in Roman Urdu: Paan patti

Betel leaf is basically a leaf of a vine, mostly used for medicinal properties. It contains pepper and kava, It is mostly consumed in Asia by Asian people with or without tobacco as an addictive snack which is very harmful for health. the betel plant produce glossy green in color, heart shaped leaf known as betel leaf. In India it is mostly used as a a blessing item for the new beginnings like wedding, different occasions, inauguration and new year.

Health benefits of betel leaf

  • Betel leaf is very useful for your digestion, it helps to improve digestion, chewing the betel is a big task and take a lot of time this chewing releases saliva which helps you in digestion.
  • Betel leaves contains many helpful compounds which reduces the risk of oral cancer and also destroys the bacteria responsible for bad breath.
  • Betel leaf controls sugar levels in body and thus is great to treat diabetes in body.
  • Betel leave extract with combination with honey helps to relief cough.
  • Betel leaf paste if applied towards the affected area helps to get rid of headache and other wounds.
  • Extract of betel leaf if applied on rectum cures constipation issues as well.
There is no specific dosage or quantity mentioned for its consumption, a lot of people prepare herbal tea out of it and drink it every day. Many research have indicated that chewing betel nuts and paan combination of both can lead to cancer. Many studies also indicates the that betel nut itself is harmful not the leaf.