Black Salt

Black Salt in Urdu: کالا نمک

Black Salt in Roman Urdu: Kaala namak

Black salt is basically a rock salt, salty in flavor with a very strong pungent smell. It is found in the form of crystals and color may vary from brownish pink and dark violet. Black salt contains of sodium chloride, iron sulfide and sulfur compounds, Sodium chloride found in normal salts give it  a very salty taste, iron sulfide is responsible for its dark color, and sulfur compounds give them a very different taste and smell. There are three types of black salt available black ritual salt, black lava salt and black Indian salt. It is been used for medicine purpose as well as culinary purpose.

Black salt uses

  • Black salt is considered as a good digestive aid it helps in curing intestinal gas and heartburn issues.
  • Black salt is been used for stomach care, it improves digestion without worsening it.
  • It helps in improving eye sight, unlike other salt it doesn't increase sodium content in your blood.
  • Black salt mixed with water and applied to your sore or cracked heels, gives you instant relief, it is a very good substitute of a soap.
  • The minerals found in black salt is good for the nourishment of hair, its strengthen and increase your hair growth.
  • Black sea salt is  a very good alternative of  normal sea salt, it benefits includes that it treats arthritis issues,impotency issues and control blood pressure fluctuation unlike the normal salt.
  • Black sea salt is the main ingredient of anti-obesity and anti-cholesterol products.
  • Black sea salt is also used for people who are effected with respiratory disorders, depression, and also who face acidity issues.
  • Black salt is also used for culinary purposes it is mostly sued in street food items lie, chaat, pani puri and chutneys. Ir is also used in salads and for garnishing purpose in soups etc.
Not many but excess usage of black salt have some side effects too, it can cause hyper tension though the black sea salt has less amount of sodium content then the normal sea salt but still it is not recommended to people with high blood pressure as it can be dangerous.