Brinjal in Urdu: بینگن

Brinjal in Roman Urdu: Baingan

Brinjal also known as eggplant is a vegetable and mostly used for culinary purposes. It looks very much like potato and tomato and is egg shaped, purple in color it contains small seeds and tastes bitter. It is mostly cultivated in Europe and north america side. Many people don't like its taste because its bitter but i you cook it nicely it tastes delicious.

Health benefits of brinjal

  • Brinjal is rich with fiber and antioxidants which prevents cancer in the body, it fight against the free radicals which makes cancer cells in body.
  • Brinjal is ideal for weight loss, as it is very much less in calories, plus the fiber content present in this keeps your tummy full and prevents you from over eating.
  • This vegetable prevents you from many heart diseases, keep your arteries in function and healthy and prevents heart attack.
  • Brinjal is very useful in controlling blood sugar level in body, it neutralizes the effect of sodium in body thus keep your blood pressure in line.
  • The higher fiber content helps to control the cholesterol levels in body.
  • The antioxidants and vitamin present in brinjal gives your skin a natural glow keeps it healthy, free from wrinkles and lines on faces.
  • The phytonutrients present in brinjal boost your memory function and keeps your brain healthy.
Brinjals are easily available in market throughout the year, varying in size, shape and color. At home they can be kept outside for not more then 2 days and in order to maintain the freshness they can be kept in fridge.

Brinjal recipes

  • You can just cut the brinjals in small cubes and stir fry them and use in salad or other appetizers.
  • In Asia brinjal is mostly used is stew, it is roasted, baked and then eaten the famous term for this is "baingan ka bharta" and just to make it more spicy some even make "baingan chutney"out of it served as a dipping for many snacks.
  • You can also make brinjal curry by adding few spices and herbs and serve with steam hot rice.
  • It is also used for prickling purposes.