Butter in Urdu: مکھن

Butter in Roman Urdu: Makhan

Butter is a dairy product made out of cow's milk, mainly used for culinary purposes such as baking, sauce making and pan frying. It is mainly a breakfast item in most houses people usually apply it on toast or other bread products. Butter remains hard solid block hen it is in fridge once it is out it starts melting and comes in the condition to spread it on things. It is generally found in yellow color but differs from pale yellow to white. Butter ingredients include, butter fat, milk and water.

Health benefits of butter

  • Butter is rich in vitamin A very beneficial for treating diseases like thyroid.
  • The fat found in butter had very strong anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties.
  • Rich in vitamin D which is the main source of calcium in body.
  • Prevents tooth decay.
  • In some cases promote fertility in women.
  • Butter fat has cholesterol which is good for children's brain and nervous system development.
Butter has alot of benefits but it some cases it is not that good for health, the butter fat and cholesterol level found in it is not that good for heart and can promote heart diseases. A minimum amount of fat is necessary for body but butter has immense amount of fat which is not good for people who are already suffering from heart problems.
Butter is mainly used for culinary purpose it can be added in some stew to give a special aroma. apply it somewhere and eat it raw and is also an essential ingredient in baking. Butter cake, Butter crust, Butter pie can be made out of it. Butter cake is usually served as an evening snack and butter cake recipe simply includes, flour, eggs, butter, castor sugar and some vanilla essence mix it well and bake it,very popular bakery item and highly demanded snack with tea.