Capsicum in Urdu: شملہ مرچ

Capsicum in Roman Urdu: shimlaa mirch

When we say regional cuisine, capsicum comes first in the list.There are many types of capsicums such as bell peppers, chili peppers and spicy peppers and since 3000 BC they are being cultivated. The best temperature for this flowering plant is a hot sunny weather where they can self pollinates and they grow with different shapes, sizes and color. They are eaten cooked or as it is all around the world. In salads, lasagne, shashlik, egg fried rice, steaks, soups and salads, capsicum is one of the key ingredient. In Pakistan, green peppers are mostly used in all regions and are usually used in continental dishes. Researchers have analyzed that capsicum can be used in medicines also through a chemical which we get from the fruit of it named 'Capsaicin.'

Health benefits:

  • Treatment for many digestive problems like diarrhea, cramps and gastric problems.
  • Increases blood circulation in your body and lowers the cholesterol level.
  • Relieves from toothache, fever, malaria and alcohol addiction.
  • Many people apply capsicum when they have back pain or nerve pain which gives them a feeling of relaxation.
  • If your child is addictive to nail biting or thumb sucking, apply capsicum on their thumb and they'll get rid of it.
Most of the people use capsicum for weight loss as it increases the metabolic rate of your body. It is used in many weight reducing medicines. Doctors recommend using peppers one hour before doing exercise and you will surely loose a lot of weight.