Carom in Urdu: اجوائن

Carom in Roman Urdu: Ajwain

Ajwain or Carom belongs to the family Apiaceae and is an annual herb. This aromatic herb has slightly a bitter and pungent taste. This aromatic her is commonly used for culinary purposes and definitely not eaten raw, rather they are in fried in oil,ghee or butter and then further used in cooking process. This herb are small pale brown in colour and have an oval shape, the ajwain plant cultivation is mainly done in Iran and Northern parts of India.

Health benefits of Carom/Ajwain:

  • Ajwain seeds are very useful for healthy and speedy digestion, the gastric juices released out of herb provides a great relief to indigestion and thus the boiled ajwain water is useful for small babies suffering from colic pain and pregnant ladies who face constipation during and after pregnancy.
  • Ajwain seeds plays a very important role of anti bacteria too, providing a great relief to people who face cough and congestion.
  • Acts a as soothing agent for all sort of redness and itching sensation caused through skin diseases.
  • Usage of ajwain water daily on empty stomach keeps the heart healthy and cure it from other heart diseases.
  • It has a very good pain relieving effect which is very useful in pains like migraine and arthritis. 
  • Ajwain seeds are used a lot for weight loss purpose it fasten the bowel movement and helps in reducing weight quickly.
  • Ajwain seeds used with other herbs solves the problem of bed wetting among children if taken regularly.
  • Ajwain seeds improves sperm quality and boost energy which improves your relationship with spouse in many way.

It is evident that ajwain seeds serves alot of medicinal functions but the current amount of use and dosage is required, too much consumption of ajwain can  create serious disorders like low blood pressure,ulcers,headache and nausea.

Thus it should be used carefully whether in the kitchen or as a medicine.