Chickpea in Urdu: مصری چنا

Chickpea in Roman Urdu: Misri chana

Chickpea are also called garbanzo beans, and are cultivated in Mediterranean and middle east mainly used for culinary purpose. Usually it found in small size white and round in shape but it is also found in many other varieties of colors like red,black and green.

Health benefits of chickpea

  • Chickpea is very good for people who suffer from diabetes, it controls blood sugar level in body.
  • Chickpea is very good for bones health, the healthy nutrients found in it like iron, calcium, protein, Vitamin K, manganese and zinc all promote strong and healthy bones.
  • The potassium content found in it helps to lower down the blood pressure in body.
  • Chickpea is rich in fiber which helps to lower down the cholesterol level in bod and thus reduce the chances of heart diseases.
  • It promotes healthy digestion by solving constipation issues, because of high fiber content in it.
  • Chickpea consumption on regular basis reduces obesity, makes your hair and skin healthy, boost your energy.
Chickpea are easily found in markets throughout the year, raw or canned. Before making them in use you have to soak them before hand for few hours. It has a very nutty and butter flavor so it can be used in any recipe to increase its aroma.

Chickpea recipes

  • Chickpea salad can be made by tossing some chickpeas with some other vegetables and topping it with some dip.
  • Chickpea can be used to make gravy and can be served with rice.
  • Chickpea puree with other vegetables like olives, lemon and garlic can be made to prepare a dip for hummus.
  • Chickpea can be added in soup to enhance it flavor and taste and get all the nutrition out of it.
  • Chickpea in Asian side is used to make the famous street food "chana chaat" which is made by adding yogurt and spices and onions and enjoyed as a snack.