Chocolate in Urdu: چاکلیٹ

Chocolate in Roman Urdu: chaklate

YUM!! YUM!! Daddy, I want some more!! Yes, I am talking about chocolate which we like to eat whether we are a small child, a teenager or old. Chocolate is mostly brown in color and is very sweet. We can use it as a block, paste, liquid or for a sweet and dynamic flavor. After agitation, the chocolate beans are first dried and then they are cleaned and heated. There are a variety of chocolates such as baking chocolate, sweet chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate and many more. A number of recipes containing chocolate are written and liked by almost everyone all around the world. Chocolate gifts in a basket or presented it any way is now a perfect way to greet your loved ones. Chocolate milk, chocolate truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate ice creams, chocolate cake are the most common dishes which we all love to have always.

Health benefits of chocolate:

  • Releases you from stress and makes you energized.
  • Works as an antioxidant tremendously.
  • Regulates blood pressure.
  • Lowers the level of cholesterol.
  • Cardiovascular problems are reduced.
  • Improves memory as the circulation increases.
  • Complications during pregnancy may be prevented.

Disadvantages of eating chocolate:

  • Having chocolates daily makes your teeth weak.
  • Contains high level of sugar and fats leading to obesity.
  • Can lead to migraine problems.
  • It is recommended to have seven ounces of chocolate in a week, excess of it may result in problems.
Exceeding limits always cause problems. Therefore, if you like chocolates, it is not a bad thing but it will turn to be a bad habit if you exceed a particular amount of it. Remember, it is just taste that makes a person addictive. What matters is how healthy you are eating!!