Clarified Butter

Clarified Butter in Urdu: گھی

Clarified Butter in Roman Urdu: Ghee

Clarified butter in basically the milk fat which separated from milk solids and water.It is basically made by melting and evaporating the butter the solid milk compounds get separated the water evaporates and the remaining thing is drained and used as clarified butter, It is also known as GHEE in sides towards middle east and Asia, and is been used for culinary purposes and is an alternative of oil.

 Benefits of Ghee

  • Ghee is an excellent alternative of oil with a very distinctive taste good for taste buds.
  • Ghee doesn't need any sort of refrigeration it can last for quite a long time.
  • People who are lactose intolerant and also use ghee, since it is extracted out of butter but it doesn't harm the suffering ones in any form.
  • Ghee is rich in vitamins A and E.
  • Consumption of ghee boost your energy level, that is why it is been used by athletes a lot they get all the ghee benefits daily.
  • Ghee helps you to make your immune system strong.

Ghee Recipes

  • Ghee is used for frying purposes the famous thing "paratha" which is a round flour cooked pancake style is widely made in ghee to increase it nutrition.
  • the famous cardamom pulao is been made in ghee.
  • Potatoes cut in small cubes mix with spices and cooked in ghee is an excellent mouth watering recipe too.