Clotted Cream

Clotted Cream in Urdu: موٹی ملائی

Clotted Cream in Roman Urdu: Moti malai

Clotted cream is made out of it full cream cow's milk, the cow's milk is given steam and is allowed to cool down cream clots appear on the surface and then is later used for cooking purposes. It has a rich sweet flavor and is thick in consistency. Because it contains high saturated fat so its consistent use can be dangerous for health but yes some part of this fat s even beneficial for health.

Clotted cream nutritional value

  • It has a rich fat content in it around 100 calories.
  • It has amazing results on skin, internally as well but if you apply externally it has great results too one of the main ingredient of home made mask.
  • It has good hair results too, applying clotted cream gives you healthy and shiny hair.
  • Clotted cream is a good source of calories, and is rich with calcium too not a single dairy product an give you all the calcium your body requires, you need to add on different varieties.

Recipes for clotted cream

  • The famous cream tea is made out of clotted cream.
  • Is served as a dip by adding some sweet flavor to it with light snacks or appetizers.
  • Clotted cream is also used for baking purpose for cakes and cookies.
  • A famous summer dessert can be made out of it by adding honey to the cream and taking some berries and mix it and enjoy!
  • Mouth watering clotted cream fudge can be made by adding some sugar, vanilla extract and golden syrup in clotted cream and bake it.