Corn in Urdu: مکئ

Corn in Roman Urdu: Makai

Pop! Pop! Popcorn clicks our mind when we are talking about corns. While having tea/milk sitting on lush green gardens or having it any time of the day, popcorn are all time favorite for kids. We just keep on imagining how beautifully the seeds are wrapped up in leaves and how enjoyable it is to bite the cooked corns directly. Other types of corns include flint, sweet, pod and flour. The foundation of corn or maize was 2500 BC back, it was first founded in Mexico and then it spread all over the United States where the Americans started trading it across the globe. Surprisingly, it is one of the grain which can grow widely in any climate that is why tons of it are grown annually worldwide. This grain plant is 8 feet high and its branch resembles the bamboo cane. Before the Second World War, it was yielded by hand throughout North America, but now there are a number of other techniques and methods to harvest corns. In Pakistan, after wheat and rice, corn is the third vital grain which is grown on 1 million hectares of land and produces about 3.3 million MT. Hats off to our farmers who are working extremely hard throughout the day on the maize farms. Although we lack in having new machinery, but our workers are running all over the fields like machines leading to a good source of income for them.


The major products of corn include corn oil which is extorted from corn germ, corn starch which has various food and industrial applications, corn sweeteners which gives us corn syrup and ethanol which gives our industries great amounts of fuel. Other products may include corn flour which we use to thicken the gravy in a number of food items, corn flakes which are surely a healthy item for breakfast, corn soup which we love to have in winters, corn salad which is a healthy and refreshing side dish and many other products.


  • Controls heart diseases and diabetes.
  • Shield against chronic diseases.
  • Contains rich amount of calories.
  • Prevents colorectal cancer and diarrhea.
  • Rich in Vitamin B, Vitamin E, folic acid and protein.
  • Increases bone strength and level the heart rate.
  • Works as an antioxidant.
  • Eat corns if you want a good vision plus a good skin.

Corn Salad:

To give you a quick and easy recipe of making corn salad you need to rush to your kitchen, take a bowl, add chopped onions, lettuce, tomatoes, cooked or boiled corns, salt, pepper, olive oil and lemon juice. Here you go!! Delicious salad is ready to eat. 

Corn is surely rich in nutritional values and fibers which gives you strength, tightens your muscles and cures many diseases.