Eggs in Urdu: انڈا

Eggs in Roman Urdu: andaa

The female animals of various species like fish, birds, reptiles and chicken lay eggs which are eaten by humans from years. They have very high protein content in it and that is why it is a very healthy food just as meat. The shape of the egg is oval which has a thin layer of  a hard shell; an air cell grows on the larger side of the egg from which the freshness of an egg is determined. Chicken eggs having small air cells are highly fresh and vice versa. If you want to check how fresh an egg is, you can dip the egg in water, if it floats; it is old and should never be eaten. There are two parts in an egg which are commonly known as egg yolk and egg white. Eggs are the priority when we talk about breakfast. Omelets, boiled, scrambled, fried and pickled are a series of eggs which we eat daily. Moreover, they are also used in continental foods, deserts, desi cuisines, salads and many other types of dishes. The saddest part is that nowadays many eggs are grown by injections because of which food poisoning occurs and people get really sick for many days. Therefore, the freshness of an egg should be checked before having it.

Nutritional benefits of eggs:

  • Contains high levels of minerals, proteins and amino acids.
  • Gives mental and physical energy if you eat eggs in breakfast.
  • The egg yolk makes the liver function more activated.
  • Increases the mental level of babies.
  • It contains no sugar, so it helps people in losing weight.
  • Dandruff, nits and lies can be totally kicked off if you apply an egg on the scalp.
  • People having flu can have a boiled egg to get rid of it.
Eggs nutrition values are numerous, we should make it a habit to eat at least one boiled egg daily as it gives the highest nutritional rate. To make it easier for you let me tell you how to make perfect boiled eggs. Take two eggs and put in a pan filled with water just above the level of eggs, turn on the stove to a high flame and leave it to boil for 15 minutes. After that strain the water and pour some cold water on it and keep it aside for 5 minutes. Now just take out the eggs, let them dry and tap it somewhere lightly, now remove the white shell and serve it with salt and black pepper. Do try it and enjoy the delicious boiled eggs daily.