Fish in Urdu: مچھلی

Fish in Roman Urdu: machhli

Fish are classified as sea vertebrates, the permutation of fins, gills and the reality that they live their life in water makes them dissimilar from other types of animals. Except sharks and Tunas, all the fish are cold blooded. Scientists have already found 33,100 different species of fish and so they have a greater number of diversity than any other animals or vertebrates. Whale shark is considered as the largest fish of the marine life and it is 51 ft long with the skeleton made up of cartilage, while the smallest fish is known as stout which measures only one-forth inch. Misunderstanding occurs when we categorize dolphins as well as whales as fish but they are actually mammals who feed their babies with milk and are warm blooded. Moreover, star fish and jelly fish cannot be considered in the family of fish as well, they are invertebrates. Fish are an essential source of food all around the globe. Many fishers hunt fish and keep them in fisheries while some also keep them as pets and keep them in aquariums. They are a great source of income for many people and they account for 154 million tones of total production. Have you people seen the movie finding Nemo? If you haven't then do watch it as it is a beautiful marine life story with a lot of lessons. Well, coming back to the informative side, Roe is known as fish eggs which contain high levels of Omega 3 as well as Vitamin D and are highly nutritious.

Health benefits of fish:

  • They are a high quality protein with low fat.
  • Contains healthy amounts of iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, iodine and phosphorus.
  • Used for sharp memory and vision.
  • Lowers down blood pressure and heart attack.
  • Eating fish two times a week makes your brain work three times faster.

Nutritional value:

  • It is a low-calorie food.
  • Prevents heart diseases if you eat fish once a week at least.
  • Risk of Alzheimer is reduced.
  • Strengthens the texture of your hair and gives your skin a young look.
  • Releases depression or any kind of tension.
  • Rich in Vitamin D which keeps your bones strong.
It is said that fish never sleeps and surely they give us a lot of benefits, so if we also sleep less and work more, we can be the most beneficial to our society.