Garlic in Urdu: لہسن

Garlic in Roman Urdu: Lehsan

Garlic belongs to the family of onions and they can easily be grown. It is a herb and is known for its flavor and the medication content in it. China being the largest producer of garlic produces about twenty-million tonnes yearly followed by India, South Korea and Egypt as the second, third and forth largest producer. The shape of garlic is so interesting that if we see the layers in it and how closely the bulbs of it are attached with each other, we would surely fall in love with the creator. Firstly, a single clove is planted in the ground and they must be plowed in great depth. Then it takes 6 weeks before the soil gets freeze to give birth to a green stem in the peak of which, small bulbs are formed and then they are yielded in spring.  


  • Increases blood circulation in our body and makes us more active and energized.
  • Controls blood pressure, heart attack and cholesterol.
  • Cold and flu which is always a viral spread throughout Asia, garlic gives you the best treatment for it.
  • Helps prevent many types of cancers.
  • Best for all skin types for healing acne and infections and for a shiny skin.
  • Gives your recipes an ingredient which makes your food more tasty and mouth watering.
  • It is usually blended with ginger and kept in the freezer for longer use.
  • The use of it daily prevents you from food poisoning.
Making you more aware, one more interesting fact about garlic is that garlic in some countries is used for protection against evil, people use it as white magic to secure their homes. What they do is, they take garlic cloves and polish them on their doors, keys and gates. Gosh!! do you think its a sensible way? Well, in my point of view these pieces of garlic wont help you secure your home but what will help is your mental peace and closeness to the creator. Do you agree?