Mint Leaves

Mint Leaves in Urdu: پودینہ کے پتے

Mint Leaves in Roman Urdu: podina

Mint also known as Mentha is a herb and a divine mouth freshener which has a lot of species and many varieties. The products which contain mint are many but some of them are tooth pastes, candies, inhalers, breath fresheners, jellies, syrups, ice creams, beverages and teas. Mint plants are found mostly near cool waters, lakes or river but they can also grow in scotching sun heat so, we can say that mint leaves can be seen all year round. If you want to grow mint in your garden try to take the roots from the healthy runners of mint. Mint leaves were first used as a medicine for chest congestion and stomach ache but now they are used to cure many other diseases as well. 

Health and Nutrition facts:

  • This herb contains zero cholesterol while it has healthy amounts of dietary fibers and vitamins which help in maintaining blood pressure.
  • The essential oils in it like menthone and menthol gives you a refreshing smell and cool breathe. These oils are also good to give a glow to your skin.
  • Contains iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium and manganese.
  • Mint leaves cleanses the entire body especially stomach and treats inflammation.
  • Treats headache and nausea because of its refreshing smell, it also clears the respiratory system and treats cough.
  • Best for asthma patients and breast feeding mothers.
  • Relives you from depression or any type of stress.
  • Treats many types of cancers.
Nowadays there are mint chewing gums in markets which really gives a refreshing heal to the whole body and it is also advised by doctors that people having an addiction for cigarettes can stop smoking if they chew this mint chewing gum. So, can't we give it a try?