Olive Oil

Olive Oil in Urdu: روغن زیتون

Olive Oil in Roman Urdu: Zaitoon ka tail

The fruit of olive gives us a fat known as olive oil. It is produced by crushing olives and taking out oil. It is widely used in cosmetics, soaps, cooking and medicines and to lighten up the oil lamps that were used traditionally. The International Olive Council of America manages 95 percent of production of olive oil internationally while the European Union is known for making labels of olive oil. Olive oil for cooking is very healthy for all of us even more then the vegetable oil as it contains high amount of antioxidants and Vitamin E. Furthermore, olive oil for skin is as pure for us as anything, it makes our skin tight and young, does not open pores, removes dead skin and makes our skin shine. It is also used in many facial masks and for healthy nails.

Benefits and Nutritional value:

Olive oil benefits are unlimited and consuming it daily makes our body entitled to fitness. Consuming 2 tbsp of olive oil a day improves our health and fatigue. Moreover, other benefits include, prevention of many types of cancers such as breast cancer, reduces the risk of heart attack, contains healthy amount of antioxidants, decreases blood pressure, makes you get rid of obesity, makes you younger day by day, improves the bone mass, releases depression and kick off Alzheimer disease.

I would advice that if you have itching anywhere in your body apply olive oil, or if you are having hair loss problems apply this oil on scalp and get healthy hair back.