Potato in Urdu: آلو

Potato in Roman Urdu: Aaloo

The first thing that triggers my mind listening to the word potato is the old rhyme which we use to sing at school times-- 'Aaloo mian aaloo mian kahan gaey thay.' Some childhood memories are unforgettable for sure. Potato is an all time favorite vegetable at all ages whether it is in the form of boiled, baked, mashed, hash browns, french fries, salads or chips. 
Potatoes are the worlds fourth largest crop when it comes to food. It comes from the Spanish word patata. Every year the range of potatoes planted is more than one-million acres. United States is stated as the fourth largest producer of this crop, China being the first. Their varieties ranges in thousands and they go through a process of cross pollination by usually the bumble bees who carry pollen from one potato plant to another and that results in the formation of tubers. They are also known as spuds. These plants grow 60 centimeters in height with stamens that are yellow, and flowers which are purple, blue, red, pink and white in colour and are easy to grow. After that they produce small fruits which are green and looks like cherry tomatoes. Potatoes contain a lot of carbohydrates and is a fattening vegetable. Moreover, it contains a lot of minerals and vitamins.  
One interesting thing is that this vegetable is a living for some people. According to a research, a potato disease was spread in Ireland and as the supply of potatoes to this country was stopped, it resulted in deaths of more then one million people as this was the only source they had.

Benefits and facts about potatoes:

  • Different viruses are resisted with high amount of proteins in it.
  • Potatoes have to be peeled off to lower the rate of toxins.
  • They are rich in potassium (even more than a banana) and Vitamin C.
  • When they are not fried, and are white, they can help improve the diet of adults and children.
  • It can work as both, a weight loosing or a weight gaining vegetable.
  • They contain anti-oxidants and are nutritious.
  • They help lower blood pressure,
  • Help increase the mental level as brain functions more.
  • Content of fiber is much higher in potatoes.
  • For ladies who have dark circles, potato skin works them to heal.

Disadvantages of potatoes:

  • They contain a glycemic load, which means that they cause the blood sugar and insulin to rise.
  • Eating high amount of fried potatoes may result in obesity and then may cause many problems throughout.
  • People may feel hungry after eating potatoes.
  • May lead to diabetes, if consumed more.

Potato in which form is healthier?

  • Researchers say that the best and the most healthier way to eat potatoes is in a form of baked potatoes as lowest amount of nutrition is lost in this process.
  • Second best way is to steam the potatoes.
  • Moreover, try to have potatoes with skin as it has high nutrition rate.