Salt in Urdu: نمک

Salt in Roman Urdu: Namak

It is exciting that salt is the only mineral that we eat. It comes from deep underground layers inside the sea. The chemical name of it is sodium chloride and surely without this ingredient there is no taste in food. Salt is an important item of trade and it used to be transported by boat in earlier days. Pakistan is blessed with a beautiful salt mine known as khewra salt mine and its a beautiful attraction for the tourist. Salt is acquired from water or mines and is used in various industrial processes. From 200 million tones of salt annually, the rate of salt consumed by humans is only six percent. Consumption of a lot of salt by people may increase migraine, heart attacks and blood pressure. WHO(World Health Organization) suggests that mature people must only use five grams salt in a day. There is salt in most of the food it self for example, in vegetables, fruits, meat, pickled food, canned food and snack food. It has been years that salt was used for preserving food when there was no fridge or refrigerators.

Religious norms:

In the Brahmanic era, salt was used in a festival where the Brahmans would throw salt in fire and it was their faith that they are feeding their gods with salt when they use to hear a voice in return. In Islam, salt is only considered as an ingredient for food and a blessing to us from the creator of all things. In some of the religions salt is sprinkled on the shoulder when returning from a funeral while in some religions it is obligatory to have bread with salt daily otherwise it will be a bad omen for them. So, different cultural diversities are there and it helps when we meet people of different cultures.

Salt benefits for teeth:

I wanted to share my personal experience that my husband had an accident and he his jaw was badly fractured, after the jaw surgery, he was told by the dentist to do gaggles with salt water five times a day. Believe me, it healed the jaw in two weeks. That is when I realized how important this ingredient is for all of us. Salt water treats mouth injuries or when your tooth is plucked out. It prevents swelling and infections.

It is recommended not to use salt water for long term as it may erode the teeth or may soften the gums. Well, exceeding limits always gives you bad results. So, we should only consume as much amount of it as far it is good for us.