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Pickles have always been an important add-on to the Pakistani cuisine and Indian meals. They not just enhance the taste of the food but also provide the extra contentment and satisfaction to the taste buds. Homemade achar recipes are very popular and various spicy and exotic pickles are prepared with the easy pickles recipes. You just need the correct ingredients in the right proportion from perfect pickles recipes to make spicy and tasty pickles at home. has a huge collection of lip-smacking achar recipes prepared by famous chefs and cooking experts. Here you can find your favorite achar recipes and enjoy your homemade achar which can be preserved for months and consumed whenever needed.

Mango pickles, chili pickles, lemon achar, cauliflower pickle, spicy onion achar, carrot pickle, mixed vegetable pickle, turnip pickle and Amla pickle are some famous pickle varieties made at home along with other fruits and vegetables which are used in making tasty achars. Salt, spices and a lot of oil are the main ingredients of pickle recipes. Pickles are famous all around the globe but the flavor varies according to the geographical location and the taste of the local needs. In this category you can browse through the interesting achar recipes, the dishes which can be prepared by using pickles and the scrumptious food which compliment pickles the best. So, what are you waiting for, look around for the desired Murabba and pickles recipes and enjoy the flavor at home!

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