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  • Sindh ka Machli Pulao, Balochi Faluda, Peshawari Chapli Kabab and punjabi meethi lassi by A.R Jamali(

    A.R Jamali was chef for this weekend and he cooked Sindh ka machli pulao, Balochi Faluda and Punjabi meethi lassi. These recipes are cooked for all province. These recipes are cooked by A.R Jamali(guest) and hosted by Kiran Khan Masala TV.
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  • Sweet Spiced Bun, Beef Dalia Haleem and Cuban Slider by Chef Tahir Chaudhry

    Chef Tahir Chaudhry cooked some tasty recipes that are Sweet Spiced Bun, Beef dalia Haleem and Cuban Slider. He made them in his Chaska Pakany Ka show.
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  • Lively Weekends Recipe Kachay K Qeemay K Kabab, Meday aur Sooji Mi Meethi Tikkiyan, Sindhi Spicy , Chicken Fry By Mehwish Murtaza.

    Mehwish Murtaza was chef for this weekend and she cooked Kachay ke qeemay ke kabab. This show was hosted by Kiran Khan and air on Masala TV.
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  • Chinioti Pulao Recipe

    Chinioti Pulao is tasty and spice pulao. It is Pakistani cuisine. Chicken, rice, yogurt and green chilies are use to prepare this dish. Serve with vegetable raita.
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  • Hunzai Chargha Recipe

    Hunzai Chargha is delicious dish. Chicken is marinated with sauces, cream & yogurt. Fried and serve with raita. Make it in Eid.
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  • Chinioti Steamed Chicken Recipe

    Chinioti Steamed Chicken is delicious dish. Chicken is marinated with lemon & spices and cooked. Then sprinkled with cumin and serve with raita.
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  • Bhagaray Baigan

    Bhagaray Baigan is popular Indian cuisine and also popular in Pakistan. It is eggplant curry, prepared with eggplants.
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  • Lahori Karahi

    Lahori Karahi is delicious karahi. It is traditional Lahori, Pakistan dish. It is prepared with mutton. Cooked in pressure cooker and then cooked with yogurt & butter in wok. Serve with raita and naan.
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  • Peshawari Yakhni

    Peshawari Yakhni is amazing dish. It is prepared with chicken meat and feet. Serve with rice.
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  • Sarsoon Ka Saag

    Sarsoon Ka Saag is tasty vegetable dish. It is popular dish in Punjab, India and Pakistan. It is prepared with mustard leaves, spinach and fenugreek leaves. It is served with makai ki roti.
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  • Makai Ki Roti

    Makai Ki Roti is type of bread. It is prepared with makai flour and wheat flour. It is eaten in Punjab of Pakistan and India. It is served with sarsoon ka saag.
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  • Lahori Pinni

    Lahori Pinni is Pakistani dish. It is made with red flour, ghee & nuts and prepared in round shape. It is eaten in winter and served as dessert.
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  • Hareesa And Lahori Phinni by Rida Aftab

    Rida Aftab made Hareesa And Lahori Phinni that you can make home easily. She made them in her Tarka show on Masala TV.
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  • Balochi Seh Color Jelly Kheer

    Balochi Seh Color Jelly Kheer is delicious & delightful sweet dish. It is prepared with three color jellies, fruits and nuts.
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  • Balochi Namkeen Sajji

    Balochi Namkeen Sajji is traditional Balochi dish. It is prepared with mutton leg & baked in oven.
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  • Balochi Murgh Leg Biryani

    Balochi Murgh Leg Biryani is delicious biryani. It is other variety of biryani. Must try this recipe at home.
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  • Balochi Kharood Chutney

    Balochi Kharood Chutney is new variety of chutney. It is prepared with kharood powder & vegetables.
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  • Lahori Puri by Shireen Anwar

    Lahori Puri is Pakistani dish. It is prepared with flour & semolina, dipped in sugar syrup and served as breakfast or snack. It is served with halwa & bhaji.
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  • Chinioti Kunna by Shireen Anwer

    Chinioti Kunna is also Pakistani Cuisine. It is Famous Dish of Chiniot. Shireen Anwer has made this dish with Her Own Recipe.
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  • Chinioti Kheer by Shireen Anwer

    Chinioti Kheer is Pakistani Cuisine. It is Mouth Washing Dish and you can try this recipe at home.
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  • Chinioti Biryani by Shireen Anwer

    Chinioti Biryani is Pakistani Cuisine. It is Delicious Dish. Shireen Anwer has made this dish with Her Own Recipe.
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  • Bihari Kabab by Zubaida Tariq

    Bihari Kabab is Pakistani BBQ Dish. It is specially eaten in Eid-ul-Adha. It is prepared with Beef, marinated with Bihari Masala and served with Parathay & Raita.
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  • Peshawari Chapli Kabab by Zubaida Tariq

    Peshawari Chapli Kabab is Traditional Dish of Pakistan. It is common dish of Pashtun Cuisine. It is prepared with Beef Mince & Tomato in Center. It is prepared Flat and served with Raita & Naan.
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  • Bun Kabab by Chef Gulzar

    Bun Kabab is Tasty Dish. It is Pakistani Sandwich Dish and its Origin is Karachi. It is usually eaten in Roadside Stalls & Restaurants. It is served with Chutney, Ketchup and Cold Drink.
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  • Chinioti Matka Murgh by Shireen Anwer

    Chinioti Matka Murgh is Pakistani Cuisine. It is prepared in Crock.
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