Herbal Tea For Weight Lose by Shah Nazir

May 31, 2014
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Recipe of Herbal Tea For Weight Lose by Shah Nazir in Handi on Masala TV

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  • Seemva can you plz share that link or recipe of Rida tea?thanks

    By: Saimasiddique on Jun 12, 2014
  • The only thing closest to timbaroo I found was tumber herb. It was listed on one herbs page. Its properties are to control obesity so it might be the one. For those who want to lose weight, there is ridas green tea recipe on this website. I have tried it for 5 days and I did lose 3 pounds so it seems to be working. Avoid ajwain in summer months as its hot. I am adding 1/2 tsp honey and lemon juice to each cup and I drink only 3 cups. I only have to lose 6,7 pounds so this tea is very good for those who want to lose 20,30 pounds as weight loss is quick.

    By: seemva on Jun 03, 2014
  • exactly i search alot about timbaroo but their is no result found may be its english name is not timbaroo if anyone knows then plz post here..thanks

    By: Saimasiddique on Jun 02, 2014
  • Seemva if you find out about this herb pls do post here.Jazak'Allah

    By: nasacool on Jun 02, 2014
  • lemon grass is easily available but timbaroo herb, how can one find it in US. I could not find it on google search.

    By: seemva on Jun 01, 2014