Anika Atif Recipes

Chef Anika Atif had a passion for cooking since her childhood. Her craze for cooking along with her experimenting nature made her a successful chef without any formal training or education in the field. Anika Atif earned her first show on Masala TV which made her famous amongst the viewers in no time. The show was basically a desserts show but had a lot more to offer like table etiquettes, menu selection according to people and occasion and other helpful tips.

This young lady has travelled the world but is originally from Pakistan and has also won the competition of “Chef at Home” in 2010. In Anika Atif’s recipes you will notice that they all are easy and prepared in less time. She prepares her dishes with an artistic and fun loving approach and that’s the reason why people follow Chef Anika Atif’s recipes not only through her TV shows but also by taking online classes by registering on her website.

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