Chef Nadeem Recipes

Chef Nadeem holds a degree in Hotel and Motel management along with his specialization in food and beverages. He has travelled the world and has an experience of working in World’s best hotels and restaurants of England, America, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. He specializes in Italian and French cuisine and plans to open his own restaurant with something new and different in it.

Chef Nadeem is a straightforward and honest person who lives a simple life with his family. He loves his work and believes that knowledge and education about cooking is very important to groom yourself in this field. Chef Nadeem’s recipes depict his experience and are elucidated in a very simple way for common people to understand. “Zauq Zindagi” on Ary Zauq and “Morning Maza” on Zaiqa TV are his popular cooking shows on TV. His success lies in the fact that he believes in continuous learning and enjoys the work he is doing.

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