Chef Shai Recipes

Chef Shai is a complete package of a perfect chef with entertaining skills. Her passion towards cooking and her interest in music and arts makes her a charming presenter. She graduated from ICE New York and has worked with worlds top restaurants. Chef Shai has travelled a lot and her exposure to different cultures and foods gives her an edge over others. Chef Shai’s recipes are very famous amongst all as one can easily find something of their choice from a huge variety offered. She is a capable Chef who is specialized in fusion cooking and also holds expertise in Italian, French, Indian, Middle Easters, Pakistani and Mediterranean cuisines.

Chef Shai not just hosts cooking shows but is also a producer of cooking shows. She enjoys her work and interacts well with the people in live shows by singing their requests live. This makes her shows popular and highly rated. Chef Shai is working on her book which is based on her cooking and travelling experiences and other of her recipe compilations are available in the market.

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