Hum TV Recipes

Hum TV is a brand of Eye Television Network which is now known as the Hum Network Limited. In the early 2005 Hum TV started its transmission in Pakistan and slowly progressed towards huge success. The consistency in the quality of content has made Hum TV a highly proclaimed entertainment channel of Pakistan. The marketing behind the channel is very strong and the creative team works very hard to provide the best to its viewers.

The slogan of Hum TV is “Pure Entertainment” and they have achieved what they have aimed for. The efforts of Hum TV has revived the old days of Pakistani Dramas and provided its viewers with most popular dramas like “HAMSAFAR”, “MERAY QATIL MERAY DILDAR” and hundreds of such successful names. The sister channels of Hum TV are MASALA TV which is a very popular cooking channel and Style 360 a fashion and life style channel that has contributed majorly in the living styles of the people of Pakistan. The role Hum TV has played in providing entertainment to the international and Pakistani viewers is praiseworthy.

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