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  • Information About Lemon by Chef Gulzar

    Lemon contains anti-virus, it has ability to gain immunity and complete lack of vitamin C, it clear cold and flu, it cleans stone in kidney, it digest, it make teeth strong, it cleans blood and its juice is beneficial for high blood pressure and head dizzy.
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  • Information About Kasoori Methi by Chef Gulzar

    Kasoori Methi control cholesterol & sugar, acidity in stomach, beneficial for heart diseases & cough & soojan of throat, it protects from constipation, clear stomach, it free from depression of brain, it protect from clone cancer, it glow face and it protect from hair damage.
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  • Information About Green Onions

    Green Onions is antioxidant, it is beneficial for heart disease & eyes & stomach heat & low blood pressure & inflammation (soojan), it protects from cancer & infection & itchiness of throat, it make bones strong, it controls the level of blood sugar and it looses weight.
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  • Information About Keri by Chef Gulzar

    Keri (Raw Mango) contains lots of vitamins and minerals for your health. It completes lack of water in body, it protects blood disease, it cleans kidney, it protects teeth from diseases and bacteria, it make teeth strong, its juice protects from throat, heat pimple and heat, it protects from heart disease & bacterial infection & acidity in stomach and it freshness morning weakness,
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  • Information About Melon by Chef Gulzar

    Melon should not be eated in morning and before sleeping. Melon is beneficial for face glow, constipation, urine and heart disease, finish dandruff in body and kidney stone, it protects kidney, control blood pressure, it protect and clean lungs, clean bacteria in body, control tissues of body, it make bones and teeth strong and protects from heart disease.
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  • Information About Thyme by Chef Gulzar

    Thyme is beneficial for low blood pressure people, it maintains blood pressure, it completes lack of vitamin c, it boost immune system, it actives joints and veins, it make better vision, it strong hair, its root and bones, it stop breast, colon cancer and bacteria, it is best for infection and heart disease and it is antiseptic and antioxidants.
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  • Information About Carrots by Chef Gulzar

    Carrots is beneficial for eyes, eye sight, sun burn, it can safe from lung, breast cancer, it protect skin, nails, hair, it glows your face by its juice, it cleans stomach, it reduces heart attack by eating 8 carrots daily and it makes body, teeth, jaws strong and clean.
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  • Information About Black Pepper by Chef Gulzar

    Black Pepper is King of Spice, it keeps stomach fresh, it help you to digest food, beneficial for body diseases, clear chest from sputum, it is anti bacteria, control blood pressure, tumor, diarrhea, it burns fat, it protect skin, avoid skin cancer, teeth and muscular pain.
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  • Information About Potatoes

    Potatoes contains protein, vitamin c, antioxidant and carbohydrates, is beneficial for weight gain, muscular disease, gums disease, teeth, viral function and mouth ulcer.
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  • Information About Cloves by Chef Gulzar

    Cloves is a Spice, beneficial for diseases specially for cripple, cancer, diabetes, teeth gums pain, blood circulation, antiseptic, infection, mouth wash, control organs pain and fungal infection.
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  • Information About Mushroom by Chef Gulzar

    Mushroom is beneficial for controlling cholesterol levels, make teeth, jaws, nails, hairs and bones strong, has potassium high than banana, used for brain problems, cancer, tumor and antibiotic medicine.
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  • Information About Neem by Tofiq Pasha

    Recipe of Information About Neem by Tofiq Pasha Mooraj in Kitchen Garder on Masala TV
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  • Information About Peanut by Chef Gulzar

    Peanut is high protein diet. It contains Vitamin A, C and Minerals. It is beneficial for Depression, Kidney, Weight Loss and Heart problem especially for women.
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  • Information About Green Chilies by Chef Gulzar

    Recipe of Information About Green Chilies by Chef Gulzar in Dawat on Masala TV
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