Kokab Khawaja Recipes

Kokab Khawaja is a name not new to us. Starting with her Television carrier in the year 1990 with her own cooking show, she became so popular that every housewife started admiring her. She realized her passion for cooking after her marriage and started to explore different cuisines and cooking styles. Kokab Khawaja has a very charismatic personality and her grace is surely admirable. In her shows you will find not only expert cooking Kokab Khawaja’s recipes but there is much more for your surprise. Her obsession of collecting unique kitchen utensils and exceptional crockery is a pleasant treat to watch while she use and displays them in her shows.

Kokab Khawaja has done numerous talk shows, radio shows and cooking shows on Television. Her flower arrangement lessons are worth watching as she has learned the technique especially from Japan. Kokab Khawaja is serves humanity as a Reiki healer and has written about 20 books. This lady is a strong woman with a promising personality who has motivated thousands of women by her nature and expertise.

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