Lamb Recipes

Lamb is the meat of young sheep that is less than one year is excellent source to give you high quality protein. Lamb meat is also a rich source of iron; it has the iron that is easily absorbable in your body, as it is vital to have iron in your diet as it helps in formation of red blood cells. It is also a good source of zinc that is essential for healing, growth and for a healthy immune system, similarly like iron, zinc found in lamb is also easily absorbable in body than other sources.

Lamb is great source of thiamine and B vitamins which are important for metabolic reactions in the body. It also contains some trace elements such as manganese, copper and selenium. Half the fat present in lamb meat is unsaturated and monounsaturated that is favourable for your health, and gives you healthy fats that does not affect your health. It also encompasses omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that are not usually found in red meat, the amount of omega 3 and omega 6 in lamb meat depends on the lamb and its mother`s diet, mostly significant amounts are found in grass fed lamb.

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