Masala TV Recipes in Urdu

Popularity of the cooking shows in Pakistan was channelized by the introduction of a dedicated food channel named MASALA TV. It became the first 24 hours cooking channel for Pakistan that was broadcasted in Urdu. In November 2006 people of Pakistan experienced the launching of Masala TV and from then onwards it has become an integral part of every household. Masala TV has introduces many different recipes, cooking experts, professional chefs, health consultants and informative shows that made the channel a favorite of millions. Masala TV is a part of Eye Television Network and is not just popular in Pakistan but is broadcasted worldwide and appreciated by many Pakistanis living abroad.

The slogan of Masala TV "add some masala to your life" became a very popular line and turned out to be very catchy. The marketing of the channel was very strong and soon it became a hit. Masala TV has become a cooking teacher for thousands of viewers who watch their favorite cooking shows daily on it. This first step towards a cooking channel changed the entire cooking show market in Pakistan.

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