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Collection of more than 2000 authentic rice recipes, pulao recipes and Biryani recipes are assorted by Zaiqa.com to complete your menu with the perfect touch. In this category you will find the amazing variety of rice recipes like Chinese rice recipes, Thai rice recipes, Singaporean rice recipes, Mexican rice recipes, colorful rice recipes, Pakistani rice recipes and much more. Rice is a versatile ingredient and can easily add diversity to your menu. Some easy rice recipes can be prepared in no time and are so flavorsome that the taste will remain in your mouth for long. In some part of the world, the food menu is incomplete without rice and for this reason rice recipes are popular all around the globe.

Biryani is a main part amongst the rice dishes of the Indian and Pakistani cuisine and is also said to be a favorite dish of the Mughal emperors. For this reason biryani recipes enjoy a royal touch to them and are prepared usually for special occasions or for making occasions special. The long list of ingredients and a lengthy preparation time makes the biryani recipes look difficult but once you try your homemade biryani, you will realize that the efforts are worth it and it is not as difficult as it looks. Basmati rice are best used for making biryani and the essence of spices along with aroma of flavors makes this dish a favorite of all. So add the royal touch of biryani recipes or a dish of filling rice recipe to your menu today!

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