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This category has a huge collection of home remedies, natural solution of your problems, beauty tips, skin treatment tips, desi totkay and a lot more tried tricks to make your life better. The easy solutions to your daily problems are provided by our experts and updated regularly in tips and tricks category for your assistance. We have a collection of remedies and tips by Dr. Khurram Musheer, the famous dermatologist. Remedies for White Spots, hair treatment tablets, moles and wrinkle issues, energy drink by Khurram Musheer, Acne solutions, blackhead removing tricks, fairness totkay ans so much more. Learn the fishing tricks and tips by Chef Yasir and discover ways to use different knives in a professional way by our experts. Food Preservation totkay, nail manicure tips, facial hair solutions, tips to grow fruits and vegetables in home garden and a library of home remedies by our specialists.

At, you will find a vast collection of tips by Zubaida Tariq and zubaida aapa totkay relating to all solutions you can ask for. She is a diva of home remedies and the tried and tested tricks have helped millions of households. You will find some incredible and easy tips for Tooth pain, pimples, constipation, hair lice, dark circles, hearing problems, child sleeping problems, cough etc. If you need to learn the tricks for fruit and vegetable carvings and wish to decorate your platter with some amazing carved food items and floral arrangements you can browse through the Tips and tricks (totkay) category. Browse through this category and explore the magic of home remedies, tips and tricks.

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