Zarnak Sidhwa Recipes

Zarnak Sidhwa is a cooking expert who started off with her cooking passion at a very early age. She was one of the few lucky people who not just realize what their passion is but also get a chance to make it a way to earn their living. Zarnak took her cooking training from the popular chefs and experts in the cooking industry. Zarnak Sidhwa’s recipes became popular not just in her Parsi community but amongst many food lovers.

Zarnak started her catering business from her home about 8 years back and her popularity slowly reached many people and she was able to develop a niche market for herself. Belonging to a Parsi community her interest is in revising and refreshing the original Parsi recipes and reviving them not just amongst his friends and family but amongst all the foodies. Zarnak Sidhwa prepares delicious desserts and cakes. Her Christmas cakes and Weddings cakes are claimed to be innovative and scrumptious.

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