Firni by Zubaida Tariq

Jun 08, 2015
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  • Fresh milk 1 liter
  • Rice 3 tbsp
  • Sugar 1 cup
  • Small cardamom 6
  • Almond (chopped) 10
  • Pistachio 15
  • Khoya 250 gm


  1. Put milk, sugar and small cardamom in put and cook until milk is thick.
  2. Now grind rice finely, mix in some cold milk, put in milk and stir it.
  3. When rice dissolves in rice nicely, put crushed khoya.
  4. In end, put almond and pistachio and set in matki.
  5. Firni is ready.

Recipe of Firni by Zubaida Tariq in Lively Weekends on Masala TV

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