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  • Lab-e-Shireen Recipe

    Lab-e-Shireen is delicious dessert. Milk & sugar is boiled, mixed with corn flour & cream and cooked. Then mixed with fruits, jellies and vermicelli. Then garnished with nuts and served chilled. You can add more fruits.
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  • Naan Recipe

    Naan is prepared with maida, choker, egg and yeast. Mixed together, made dough, divided into balls and rolled. Then baked or cooked in pan and serve with main course dishes.
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  • Meethi Lassi Recipe

    Meethi Lassi with milk, yogurt, sugar and ice cubes. Then blended, garnished with malai and served. You can also make it with mango and strawberry.
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  • Chocolate Milkshake Recipe

    Chocolate Milkshake is prepared with milk, chocolate and ice cream. Then blended and served chilled. You can add more ingredients.
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  • Sweet And Sour Chicken Recipe

    Sweet And Sour Chicken is delicious dish. Chicken and mix vegetables are fried separately. Then cooked together with ketchup sauce and served over cooked rice. Try this recipe at home.
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  • Chikoo Milkshake Recipe

    Chikoo Milkshake is prepared with chikoo, milk and ice cubes. Then blended and served chilled. You can add more fruits.
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  • Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

    Strawberry Milkshake is healthy milkshake. It is prepared with strawberries, strawberry ice cream, milk and ice. Blended together and served chilled.
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  • Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Recipe

    Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is prepared with milk, cream, eggs yolks and chocolate chip. Milk is cooked and mixed with egg yolks & sugar mixture. Then refrigerate, mixed with cream & chocolates chips & set it. Then sprinkle chocolates chips and serve.
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  • Lauki Ka Halwa Recipe

    Lauki Ka Halwa is delicious and mouth-washing sweet dish. Bottle gourd is grated and cooked in ghee with milk & sugar. Then roasted, nuts & khoya are added and simmered. Then garnished with nuts & silver paper and served.
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  • Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa

    Chanay Ki Daal Ka Halwa is prepared with chana daal, sugar, dry milk powder and ghee. Chana daal is boiled and grinded. Then cooked with sugar & dry milk powder in ghee. Garnished with almonds & pistachios and served.
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  • Creme Caramel Recipe

    Creme Caramel is prepared with milk, eggs and sugar. Sugar syrup is prepared with water and sugar. Then milk, eggs & sugar is beaten and poured on sugar syrup. Then bake it or cook on stove and serve cold.
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  • Mint Lemonade Recipe

    Mint Lemonade is prepared with sugar syrup, lemon juice, mint leaves and ice cubes. Then blended and served in glasses.
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  • Chicken Tikka Pizza Recipe

    Chicken Tikka Pizza is tasty pizza. Chicken is marinated with spices and lemon juice. Then fried and given smoke of coal. Dough is prepared with flour & egg and rolled. Then tomato paste is spread, topped with chicken, cheese, onion, tomato, olives & herbs and baked. Serve with ketchup or chili garlic sauce.
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  • Afghani Pulao Recipe

    Afghani Pulao is tasty rice dish. Carrot is fried with nuts. Then beef is fried with spices in ghee. Then cooked with boiled rice and simmered. Then topped with fried carrots & nuts and served. You can also use chicken or lamb.
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  • Iced Tea Recipe

    Iced Tea is prepared with tea and water. Then cooked and blended with lemon juice, lemon grass, mint leaves & ice cubes. You can make it with any flavor.
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  • Zarda Recipe

    Zarda is tasty and delicious sweet rice dish. Rice is boiled with cardamom and cloves. Then cooked in sugar syrup with ghee and food colors are added. Then sprinkled with khoya, nuts, colorful ashrafiyan, gulab jamun & cham cham and served. Try this recipe.
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  • Fruit Lassi Recipe

    Fruit Lassi is prepared with milk, yogurt and milk. Then blended and served in glasses. You can add more fruits. You can make it with mango, strawberry, chickoo or other fruits also.
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  • Fruit Trifle Recipe

    Fruit Trifle is very popular and common sweet dish in Pakistan. It is prepared with fruits, milk, cake, biscuits and custard powder. Garnished with jelly and serve chilled. You can add more fruits.
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  • Whole Wheat Bread Recipe

    Whole Wheat Bread is prepared with wheat flour, wheat, flour, oats and sesame seeds. Then mixed together and baked. It is easy and simple recipe to make at home.
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  • Baisan Ki Barfi Recipe

    Baisan Ki Barfi is yummy sweet dish. It is prepared with gram flour roasted in ghee. Then mixed with coconut and set in tray. Then decorated with nuts & silver paper and served in square pieces.
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  • Homemade Biscuits Recipe

    Homemade Biscuits is easy and simple biscuits to make. It is prepared with whole wheat flour, choker, eggs and almonds. Mix together and baked. Serve with tea or coffee.
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  • Sheer Khurma

    Sheer Khurma is very popular sweet dish in Pakistan. It is prepared with milk, vermicelli & dry dates and cooked. Then garnished with almonds & pistachios and serve it hot or cold.
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  • Cheese Bread Recipe

    Cheese Bread is crispy bread. It is prepared with flour, milk, egg and cheese. Mixed together and baked. You can make it at home easily.
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  • Chicken Shashlik Recipe

    Chicken Shashlik is tasty and delicious dish. Chicken is marinated and skewed with vegetables on skewers. Then grill it or dry it. Serve with sauce and steamed rice. You can also serve chicken shashlik in gravy style.
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  • Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

    Chocolate Mousse Cake is mouth-washing and delicious dessert. It is prepared in various methods, make it in your own method. You can top it with chocolate savings, chocolate curls, cherries or nuts. Make it at home and surprise your family. Serve it chilled.
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