Oil Free Curry Recipe

Jul 11, 2016
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  • Chicken 1 kg
  • Curd 1-1/2 tbsp
  • Ginger garlic paste 1 tbsp
  • Onions 2
  • Salt 1 tsp
  • Red chili powder 1 tsp
  • Turmeric 1 tsp
  • Potatoes 2
  • Tomato 1
  • Bay leaves 2
  • Coriander leaves to garnish


  1. Mix chicken with curd, ginger garlic paste, salt, red chili powder and turmeric powder.
  2. Grind cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds and cumin seeds.
  3. Put bay leaves and onion in pan and saute.
  4. Add little water so that it doesn't stick.
  5. Then add potatoes and marinated chicken.
  6. Saute, add tomato and cook until done.
  7. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve with boiled rice.

Oil Free Curry is tasty dish. It is cooked with oil. It is prepared with chicken, vegetables and curd. Cooked and served with boiled rice.

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