Roasted Beef Sandwich Recipe

Jul 31, 2016
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  • Bread 8-10 slices
  • Roasted beef as required
  • Red sauce as required 
  • Salad leaves 2-3
  • Eggs 3-4
  • Cucumber 2-3
  • Tomato 1-2


  1. Shred roasted beef.
  2. Now make omelette of eggs.
  3. Then cut salad leaves, cucumber and tomato finely.
  4. Toast bread slightly.
  5. Then spread red sauce.
  6. Then put beef.
  7. Keep omelette, tomato and cucumber.
  8. Keep second slice of bread and cut into triangle shape.
  9. Then keep on serving plate and serve with salad leaves.

Roasted Beef Sandwich is tasty sandwich. Red sauce is spreaded on bread slices. Then beef, omelette and vegetables are kept. Served with salad leaves and ketchup.

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