Puffiness On Eyes, Face Contouring,, Diet Chart, Reduce Stomach Exercise

Feb 07, 2011
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  • Information About Carrots by Chef Gulzar

    Carrots is beneficial for eyes, eye sight, sun burn, it can safe from lung, breast cancer, it protect skin, nails, hair, it glows your face by its juice, it cleans stomach, it reduces heart attack by eating 8 carrots daily and it makes body, teeth, jaws strong and clean.
  • Information About Kasoori Methi by Chef Gulzar

    Kasoori Methi control cholesterol & sugar, acidity in stomach, beneficial for heart diseases & cough & soojan of throat, it protects from constipation, clear stomach, it free from depression of brain, it protect from clone cancer, it glow face and it protect from hair damage.
  • Information About Green Onions

    Green Onions is antioxidant, it is beneficial for heart disease & eyes & stomach heat & low blood pressure & inflammation (soojan), it protects from cancer & infection & itchiness of throat, it make bones strong, it controls the level of blood sugar and it looses weight.
  • Smiling Face Pizza

    Smiling Face Pizza is unique pizza dish. It is prepared with pizza ingredients except meat, topped on bread slices and smiling face is made with ketchup.
  • Diet Chicken Bun And Diet Omelet by Chef Gulzar

    Chef Gulzar cooked Diet Chicken Bun And Diet Omelet that are much tasty to eat. She made them in her Dawat show on Masala TV

Puffiness On Eyes, Face Contouring, Facts About Medicine Circulating In Market Mostly For Weight Loss, Diet Chart, Reduce Stomach Exercise By Khurram Musheer In Zauq Zindagi On Ary Zauq

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