Beef Recipes

Beef that is thecattle meat is enriched with high quality complete source of protein, it also supplies good amount of amino acids for your body which is needed to build up the protein in your body, and for use in other body functions such as development and growth mechanisms. Beef is also a good source of iron and it is twice as beneficial as other food sources of iron. Having red meat increases your body absorption of non hemetic iron from sources of plants. And about half of heme iron present in beef helps to reduce the risks of anaemia.

If you take 4 ounces of lean beef it gives you almost half of daily requirements of vitamin B12 that is essential for strong nervous system and for the development of red blood cells, vitamin B6 which helps to transform the potentially harmful chemical homocysteine that is related to the risks of heart diseases into other nonthreatening molecules. Trace minerals in beef are zinc and selenium.

The only drawback that is common nowadays is that a red meat provides large dose of mono saturated fats. Verily beef is not good for blood cholesterol, heart and cancer patients. It works as a poison for them as it is rich in cholesterol.

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