7 Most Common Side Effects of Dyeing Hair

Whether you want to defy hair greying or simply want to try different hair colors, you should be well aware of the side effects of hair dyeing as well as of its benefits. Even though there are numerous products claiming to be perfectly natural, this does not necessarily mean that they are safe too.

Find out more on this topic before you go on and change the color of your hair. Let’s take a closer look at the most common side effects.

Dyeing Hair

1. Eye Pain and Swelling

Even though the dye hasn’t got into your eyes, they begin to swell and you feel pain too. This is a clear sign of an allergic reaction. One or more of the chemicals in the product must have caused it.

You should rinse your hair right away to get rid of as much of the excess product as possible. Rinse your eyes with cool water and place a cold compress over them. If the symptoms don’t subside in a few hours, you should see a doctor.

2. Irritation and Rash

These are also the result of the skin’s allergic reaction to the chemicals in hair dye. Again rinsing your scalp will help you get some relief. Don’t apply any cream to the skin area with the rash unless the doctor has recommended it.

3. Mild to Moderate Headache

This side effective is also associated with an allergic reaction. Additionally, you may have stood still in one position for too long during the hair dyeing process and your muscles can be stiff. If a painkiller doesn’t help, you will need to seek medical attention.

4. Brittle Hair

The chemicals in hair dye strip the natural oils from the scalp and deprive the hairs of the nutrients which they need. They can also damage the protein responsible for keeping the hairs strong and elastic at the same time.

You would not want to have a great color on poorly looking hair which is obviously not healthy.

5. Damage of the Natural Hair Color

Many women try hair dyeing in an attempt to enhance their natural color be it light or dark. While the short-term effect can be positive, in the long term the color will become dull and plain. Your hair will not have the attractive natural luster either.

6. Higher Asthma Risk

The main chemical in hair dye responsible for allergic reactions, P-Phenylenediamine or PPD for short, has been found to increase the risk of asthma too.

Hair stylists who work with dye practically every day are more likely to develop this chronic respiratory condition. Teens are also more vulnerable. If you already have asthma, you should refrain from this beauty procedure.

7. Possible Cancer Risk

Experiments with lab animals have revealed that PPD can damage cellular DNA. This means that it can put the people who dye their hair at greater risk of developing cancer. Keep in mind that these chemical remains not only on the scalp, but actually gets into your system through the pores of the skin.

Should you refrain from dyeing your hair? This is a matter of personal choice, but before you make a decision, you need to consider the pros and cons of this option.