Lemon Squash Recipe

Jun 02, 2017
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Lemon Squash is summer drink. Make it in Ramadan at home.


  • Fresh lemon juice 2 cups
  • Sugar 1 kg
  • Water 1 liter
  • Lemon essence 1 tsp


  1. Put water and sugar in pan, cook it and make syrup.
  2. Then remove from flame, add lemon juice and mix it nicely.
  3. Then add lemon essence and cool it completely.
  4. Then store in jar and keep in fridge.
  5. When to use, put 1/4 lemon squash and 3/4 water in glass.
  6. Then put salt and black pepper to taste, mix it nicely and serve chill.

Lemon Squash is prepared with 4 ingredients only. Sugar syrup is prepared with water and sugar on stove. Then mixed with lemon juice and lemon essence is added. Then store in jar and keep in fridge.

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