Beef/Lamb/Mutton Recipes

Red meat that is beef, lamb and mutton meat is considered as an important source of proteins and essential nutrients in your diet including zinc that boosts your immune system, iron, saturated fats,B vitamins, etc. A recent research shows that having red meat especially beef increase risks of cardiovascular diseases and colon cancer. Sometimes taking a moderate amount of red lean meat is not harmful for normal people without having any history of above mentioned diseases, while higher intake can cause number of health problems including type 2 diabetes. According to a study a compound is found in red meat that hardens your blood vessels means that carnitine present in it causes atherosclerosis which is clogging or hardening of arteries. Mutton and lamb meat is not harmful for cholesterol while beef is harmful for cholesterol patients. Lamb meat is a best source of amino acid called L-carnitine that helps in generating energy from fatty acids.

Red meat could carry dangerous bacteria so its essential that it must be properly stored, handled and cooked. It is preferable to wash your hands after handling raw meat, wash utensils properly that are used for storage and cooking. Red meat must not be reheated more than one time for preventing food poisoning and other health problems. Cook and heat the meat properly to ensure the bacteria inside it is killed before you eat it.

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