Chef Tahir Chaudhry Recipes

Chef Tahir has to his credit a diploma in Food, Hygiene and Nutrition from Dubai, Masters in Hotel Management from France and Italy, Advanced Culinary Specialization diploma and other certificates in the field. Chef Tahir has worked with top hotels and restaurants of the world and has achieved bronze and silver medals for his contributions to his cooking career. He plans to run a restaurant in Pakistan where he will provide a hi-tech environment with economical food.

In his passion of cooking he has completed more than 100 cooking shows for Masala TV. Chef Tahir’s famous show “Cooking On the Budget” made him a favorite chef of the viewers. The idea of the show was to provide dishes that can be made easily and are prepared in a confined budget. Chef Tahir’s recipes are viewed, searched and prepared by hundreds of Pakistani women. In his opinion people of Pakistan do not understand the difference between a Chef and a Cooking Expert and for this reason he believes that proper education in the field is very important.

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