Corn Recipes

Corn provides necessary minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, zinc, manganese, selenium, copper and iron, which positively benefits your body in number of ways. Phosphorus is necessary for regulating normal growth, optimal kidney functioning and makes your bones healthy. Magnesium is essential for maintaining a normal heart rate and for increasing your bone strength. It contains antioxidants that prevents cancer, prevents anaemia as it contains iron and also lowers LDL cholesterol. Yellow corn is enriched with beta carotene that forms vitamin A in your body and helps in maintenance of good vision and skin. It also controls diabetes and hypertension. Corn starch is also used in production of cosmetic products, as corn is best for skin rashes and irritation. Corn is commonly used in soups and salads. It is used as steamed or roasted or can be cooked by different techniques for different purposes.

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