Green Beans Recipes

Green beans that are also known as snap beans or French beans are elongated, tender, firm as well as flexible edible pods of bean plant vegetarian lovers are fond of beans as they are delicious and contains wholesome nutritional properties. There is variety of beans available through the year. Green bean contains lutein, violaxanthin, beta carotene and neoxanthin. It has been proved that green beans have impressive amounts of antioxidants that include quercetin, kaemferol, flavonoids like epicatechin, catechins, and procyanidins. They also provide us with an important mineral, silicon, which is very important for healthy bones and healthy formation of connective tissues.

Consuming seasonal fruits and vegetables lowers down risks of many of the adverse health problems, similarly green beans decreases the risks of obesity, heart disease and diabetes, as well as overall mortality, as it promotes healthy complexion, overall lowers your weight and increase your energy level. It also prevents from cancer as it has ample amount of chlorophyll in it and promotes fertility in women as it provides iron from plant source and folic acid. By meeting your daily folate requirements it deals with depression issues, helps in your bone health as it contains vitamin K. Green beans could possibly be used in salads as it gives good flavour.

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