Qeema And Mutton Chops by Saadat Siddiqi

Nov 12, 2011
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  • Mutton Chops Karahi Recipe

    Mutton Chops Karahi is tasty dish. Mutton chops is cooked with tomatoes and spices in wok (karahi). Then roasted with green chilies, sprinkled with all spice powder and garnished with coriander leaves & ginger slices. Serve with raita and hot naan.
  • Foil Mutton Chops

    Foil Mutton Chops is baked chops. It is marinated with green chilies paste & served with vegetables. It is commonly eaten on Eid-ul-Adha.
  • Dahi Vegetable Chops Recipe

    Dahi Vegetable Chops is tasty dish. It is prepared with mixed vegetables, yogurt and chops. You can use mutton chops or lamb chops. Serve with rice.
  • Makhni Chops

    Makhni Chops is delicious dish. It is creamy and buttery chops. You can prepare with mutton, beef or lamb chops. Must try this recipe.
  • Grilled Chops Recipe

    Grilled Chops is delicious chops dish. Mutton chops is marinated with yogurt, lemon juice & spices. The cooked on tawa. Then grilled with coal and serve with naan & raita.

Recipe of Qeema And Mutton Chops by Saadat Siddiqi in Riwayaton ki Lazzat on Ary Zauq.

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