Chef Mehboob Recipes

Chef Mehboob is a well known Pakistani chef who is a master of all cuisines. Known for his health tips and guidelines Chef Mehboob has done several cooking shows in which he taught recipes that promoted a healthy way of life. His vibrant personality and educational background makes people admire him and his teachings. Chef Mehboob proudly associates to his credit some of the most popular cooking shows like: The Cook King Show, Spice of Life Show, Weekend Masala and many others.

Chef Mehboob’s recipes are simple and well explained. He provides the health aspects, calorie charts, ingredient details, alternative ingredients and other such helpful tips that can help you to eat healthy yet tasty food. His live shows increased his fan following and people all over Pakistan recognize him as a top Chef of Pakistan who is in a mission to include healthy eating habits in the lifestyle of the Pakistani people.

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