Dessert Turn Over And Dessert Salad by Tahira Mateen

Aug 09, 2012
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  • Nutty Crunchy Dessert

    Nutty Crunchy Dessert is amazing dessert. It is new dessert. Base is made with biscuits, topped with banana & pineapple and garnished with praline. Must try this dessert.
  • Lychee Dessert Recipe

    Lychee Dessert is delicious dessert. Milk is cooked and mixed with corn flour & coconut milk powder. Then condensed milk, cream and lychee is added and served.
  • Saucy Coffee Dessert by Sameen Siddiqui

    Saucy Coffee Dessert is Sweet & Saucy Dessert with different style. It is prepared with Biscuits & Coffee and garnished with Chocolate Sauce.
  • Quick Brownie Dessert

    Quick Brownie Dessert is wonderful dessert. It is prepared with brownie & fruit cocktail and topped with walnuts.
  • Mango Chocolate Dessert Recipe

    Mango Chocolate Dessert is delicious dessert. Biscuits crushed is poured in glasses. Then mango & condensed milk mixture is poured and served with mango chunks.

Recipe of Dessert Turn Over And Dessert Salad by Tahira Mateen in Dream Dresses on Ary Zauq

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