Bottle Gourd/Lauki Recipes

Bottle gourd or calabash commonly known as lauki is one of the popular vegetable in Indian cuisines. They use it in their main course meal as well as in their sweet dishes or desserts. It is one of the common vegetable found in Pakistan too. It is not only tasty but very beneficial as its nutritional values cannot be overlooked. It helps you in healthy digestion as it is rich in fibre and helps to clear the food struck in your colon, best for the people suffering from constipation. Its juice aids in the treatment of acidity, as it is alkaline in nature. It is best for the person who wants to lose their weight, as it contains 96% of water and very less calories. It is high in fibre content that gives you the feeling of being full for longer. It prevents high blood pressure and heart diseases, because bottle gourd contains 0% cholesterol and it is enriched with vitamins like vitamin C and antioxidants that are great for your heart.

Bottle gourd helps to freshen you up in summer as it just works like cucumber and keeps you hydrated. It is also good for the treatment of urinary disorders and helps the liver function, as bottle gourd has a cooling effect on your body, also good to treat burning sensation during urine, reduces acidity level from your body. Its cooling effect also reduces your fatigue and stress and helps you feel better and fresh. The juice of bottle gourd leaves are helpful in curing jaundice, prevents greying hair, aids in preventing tooth decay and cures baldness. It is rich in Vitamin C, fibre, thiamine, iron, zinc and magnesium that helps in overall improving your health.

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