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Yummy For My Tummy With My Dadi Ammi Recipes (Page 3)

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  • Carrot Chicken Soup by Chef Gulzar

    Carrot Chicken Soup is yummy & delicious soup. It is usually served in winter. You must try this recipe.
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  • Simple Carrot Cake

    Simple Carrot Cake is yummy & delightful dessert. It is other variety of cake. It is easy to prepare and you must try at home.
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  • Vegetable Cream Soup

    Vegetable Cream Soup is yummy, healthy & delicious soup. It is easy & simple recipe to make.
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  • Fish Salad

    Fish Salad is yummy salad. It is prepared in different method. Fish is cooked in microwave and mixed with noodles, salad & dressing.
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  • Double Jelly Trifle

    Double Jelly Trifle is delicious & yummy dessert. Common ingredients are used. It is easy & simple dessert to prepare. It is served chilled.
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  • Bake Well Strawberry Cupcakes

    Bake Well Strawberry Cupcakes is yummy & new cupcakes. It is prepared with self raising flour, almonds & almond essence and baked. Then decorated with strawberry jam & strawberries and served.
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  • Peach Ice Cream by Shireen Anwer

    Peach Ice Cream is Yummy Recipe. It is Summer Time Ice Cream. You can make at home and serve with family members.
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  • Chili Tomato Soup

    Chili Tomato Soup is yummy & delicious soup. It is prepared with blended tomatoes and topped with cream & green chili. You can serve it hot or cold.
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  • Cucumber Dill Sandwiches by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Cucumber Dill Sandwiches is yummy sandwich. It is simple & easy recipe to make it. You must try this new variety of sandwich.
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  • Gulzar Special Soup

    Gulzar Special Soup is yummy & delicious soup. The addition of mushrooms is wonderful. You must try this recipe.
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  • Bombay Chicken Pasta Salad by Rida Aftab

    Bombay Chicken Pasta Salad is yummy dish. It is prepared with few ingredients. Try this recipe.
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  • Carrot Soup Recipe

    Carrot Soup is yummy soup. Carrot is grinded and cooked with water. Then chicken is added, cooked, garnished with cream and serve.
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  • Cheesy Nuggets Recipe

    Cheesy Nuggets is yummy dish. It is children favorites dish. Chicken is marinated, grinded and made mince. Then made nuggets, coated with maida, dipped in batter and deep fried.
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  • Ice Cream Trifle by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Ice Cream Trifle is Yummy & Delicious Dessert with Different Style for Dessert Lovers. It is prepared with Sponge Cake & Cream and serve Chilled.
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  • Vegetable Noodle Soup by Rida Aftab

    Vegetable Noodle Soup is yummy soup. It is little bit different soup. You must try this recipe. It is usually eaten in winter.
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  • Chicken Clear Soup

    Chicken Clear Soup is healthy & yummy soup. It is little bit different soup. Addition of bean sprouts is amazing.
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  • Spicy Shrimp Soup

    Spicy Shrimp Soup is yummy soup. Coconut milk and chicken broth is added with shrimps. Must try this new soup.
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  • Chocolate Pudding by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Chocolate Pudding is Yummy & Easy Dessert. It is commonly eaten in America, East Asia and South East Asia. It is prepared with layer of Wafer Cookies and covered with Chocolate Pastry Cream.
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  • Creamy Tomato Soup

    Creamy Tomato Soup is delicious & yummy soup. It is prepared with tomatoes, potatoes, carrots & vegetable stock cubes. It is can be prepared in many ways.
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  • Juicy Beef Pasta

    Juicy Beef Pasta is yummy pasta. It is prepared with common ingredients. You must try this recipe.
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  • Double Chocolate Pudding by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Double Chocolate Pudding is yummy dessert. It has texture of double chocolate. It is served chilled.
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  • Spicy Lentil Soup

    Spicy Lentil Soup is yummy soup. It is prepared with red lentil. It is served with curry pinwheel rolls.
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  • Corn & Potato Salad Recipe

    Corn & Potato Salad is yummy salad. Potatoes are fried in butter and mixed with corn & mayonnaise.
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  • Beet Spinach Sandwich by Zarnak Sidhwa

    Beet Spinach Sandwich is yummy & delicious dish. It is new variety of sandwich. The flavors of beet root & spinach is amazing. Must try this recipe.
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  • White Hot N Sour Soup

    White Hot N Sour Soup is delicious & yummy soup. It is common soup in food streets in Pakistan. You can make it easily at home. It is also served in parties.
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