Bohri Khichri, Crispy Bread Kabab And Lagan Ka Qeema by Zubaida Tariq

Feb 09, 2013
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Ingredients for Bohri Khichri:

  • Rice  2 cups
  • Pigeon lentils 1 cup
  • Turmeric  1 tsp
  • Crushed cumin  1 tsp
  • Ginger garlic paste  1 tbsp
  • Chopped onion  2
  • Salt  to taste
  • Chopped green chilies  8
  • All spice powder  1 tsp
  • Chopped tomatoes  4
  • Mint leaves  1/2 bunch
  • Green coriander  1/2 bunch
  • Clarified butter/ Oil  1 cup


  1. First soak rice.
  2. Keep the pigeon lentil in warm water, then boil it in warm water. When it is tendered so remove its water.
  3. Now pour oil in a pan, add chopped onions make them golden brown.
  4. Then add chopped ginger garlic paste, chopped tomatoes, chopped green chilies, chopped garam masala, turmeric, chopped white cumin wash it nicely.
  5. After that add lentil and rice roast it again, add water.
  6. Add salt, green chilies and cover it.
  7. Pour water, simmer it well.
  8. In the end add green chilies, chopped mint, chopped green coriander then serve it.

Ingredients for Lagan Ka Qeema:

  • Beef/ mutton mince  1/2 kg
  • Yogurt  1 cup
  • Ginger garlic paste  1 tbsp
  • Red chili powder  1 tbsp
  • White cumin  1 tsp
  • Black cumin  1 tsp
  • Small cardamom 6
  • Black pepper corn  6
  • Salt  to taste
  • Lemons  4
  • Chopped mint leaves  1 bunch
  • Chopped green chilies  4
  • Gram flour  2 tbsp
  • Oil  1/2 cup
  • Raw papaya paste  2 tbsp


  1. Put the beef/ mutton mince, yogurt, ginger garlic paste, chopped papaya, chopped red chili, lemon juice mix them all nicely.
  2. Now put the white cumin, black cumin, small cardamom, whole black pepper and chop it finely.
  3. Then fill it in mince, add chopped mint, chopped green chilies.
  4. Now put the mince in a pan, spread it, pour oil on its top and let it cook.
  5. When the mince starts to dry then pour oil or ghee on its top then simmer it.
  6. Put the pan on the fry pan.
  7. Delicious lagan ka qeema is ready.

Ingredients for Cheesy Bread Kabab:

  • Grated cottage cheese  2 packets
  • Bread slices  8-10
  • Red chili flakes  1 tbsp
  • Crushed black pepper  1 tsp
  • Salt  to taste
  • Chopped green chilies  4
  • Chopped green coriander 1 bunch
  • Roasted and crushed cumin  1 tsp
  • Soya sauce  1 tsp
  • Egg white  2
  • Oil  to fry

Recipe of Bohri Khichri, Crispy Bread Kabab And Lagan Ka Qeema by Zubaida Tariq in Handi on Masala TV

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